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Welcome to Holistically Balanced

Are you looking for some additional support to deal with the physical and emotional stresses of day to day living?

 Would you like to feel relaxed, calm, focused, positive, confident and energised?

Whether yoAngela Abbott - Holistically Balancedu are looking to address health concerns, improve particular areas of your life or just want to take some time out and relax, I can help.

You will experience a unique and individual approach with my treatments, where you are the priority. Appointment times and packages are designed to allow us the time you need to fully address your needs. My clients tell me that they feel at ease and cared for during their treatments. They also appreciate my calming and considerate, yet professional approach.


Examples of why clients come to see me include:

  • working through limiting beliefs / behaviours
  • balancing the chakra system and the aura
  • the physical and emotional symptoms of stress including:
    • low energy
    • poor digestive health (IBS)
    • headaches
    • excess stress and worry
    • chronic pain
    • poor confidence and self esteem
    • poor focus and concentration

My clients report:

  • feeling more relaxed and calm
  • having more energy
  • improved overall health and wellbeing
  • feeling more confident and positive
  • improved digestive health
  • fewer aches and pains

Your first appointment (or Deep Dive session) includes a full consultation during which we will discuss your medical history, emotional history, your lifestyle and what results you want to achieve. We both become clear on the issues involved and I can make some suggestions based on these. If we both agree that working together is the right thing for you, I’ll suggest an appropriate treatment program for you and we can take it from there.

As a client you will benefit from the unique combination of holistic therapies on offer including Reiki, Kinesiology and Food Sensitivity Testing. My aim is to empower you so treatments tend to take a twofold approach with practical advice and guidance as well as the holistic therapies.

In order to help you achieve really good, long lasting results a series of treatments is usually required. With that in mind there are a range of programs on offer, designed to fully support you:

Digestive Health / Food Testing
De-Stress & Rebalance

I am happy to tailor a more suitable program to meet your needs if required.

Not sure if this is right for you? Give me a call on 0794 113 4267 or get in contact and I’ll be able to let you know whether a Deep Dive session would be able to help you.

This is what one of my clients said:

“It is rare to find someone so gifted and professional as Angela. I have visited Angela regularly for both Reiki and Kinesiology treatments, I have found both to be of benefit and enjoy Angela’s approach and sincerity in her clinical care.  It’s difficult to put into words the experience, as both tend to be personal and vary.  With Reiki I have found a sense of balancing, release and cleansing, in a very relaxing and calming treatment. Kinesiology is much more engaging and gets right to the core of areas in life that need attention.  Over my course of treatment, Angela has intuitively treated me with a variety of methods, helping me through life’s difficulties. I have had many Reiki treatments in the past, and have not found them to have had the same depth and feeling, both during and after. I whole-heartedly recommend Angela in her work, and encourage everyone to experience and benefit from her natural talent. With thanks, Nicola, Horsham”.

Holistically Balanced offering Kinesiology, Reiki & Food Sensitivity Testing – Barns Green (near Horsham), West Sussex – 0794 113 4267

Holistically Balanced treatment rooms  Holistically Balanced treatment rooms
N.B. As a holistic practitioner I do not diagnose or make any claims to ‘cure’. Complementary therapies are not a substitute for medical treatment so please see your GP if you have any medical concerns.