Animal Reiki / Healing Horsham Area

Holistically Balanced Animal Reiki

Animals can benefit from Reiki, just as people do.

Some examples of when you might choose to support your animal with Reiki treatments include: 

  • Pre and Post surgery
  • If you care for a rescue animal with an unknown/troubled past
  • If your animal is unwell
  • End of life care
  • If your animal is anxious or showing signs of depression
  • If there have been any changes in your life or household such as:
    • Death of a pet or person in your family
    • Separation or change of partner
    • A new baby in the home or the arrival of a new pet
    • Children leaving home
    • Moving home etc…

Animal Reiki / Healing are complementary therapies that:

  • Can be used alongside veterinary care and treatments
  • Are calming, relieves stress and promotes self-healing
  • Are based around the animal, ensuring they are comfortable
  • Animals respond well to
  • Are gentle and non-invasive in nature
  • Can be given with ‘hands on’ or ‘hands off’ the body (so if your animal prefers their own space they will still receive Reiki without the need to be physically touched)

Your pet guides me through the session and will also let me know when the treatment is over. Your animal friend will benefit from treatments that may include ReikiKinesiology and Animal healing techniques ensuring they receive the most appropriate support for them at the time. You as the owner may become involved in the treatment of your animal. Using this holistic approach helps the animal as a whole whether they have physical, behavioural or emotional challenges.

Your pet’s first appointment includes a full consultation during which we will discuss your animal’s medical history, lifestyle, how you hope Reiki will help your animal and your animal’s Reiki treatment.

If you are interested in booking a session or would like some more information then please contact me 

Not local to Horsham? Distance sessions are just as effective as face to face visits and are a wonderful way to work when geography makes face to face visits impractical. Animals respond well to this approach. To find out more about what’s involved in a distance animal Reiki treatment click here

To find out more or to book a session please contact me

As a holistic practitioner I do not diagnose or make any claims to ‘cure’. Reiki treatments are not a substitute for veterinary care and your vet will need to be informed for treatments to proceed.