Animal Reiki Package

Who is it for?

Do you feel your pet would benefit from some form of extra support? Maybe to help with physical symptoms such as pain, scratching or allergies. Or more emotional/behaviour based issues like dealing with changes in their home environment / routine, anxiety or depression.

Owners often report:

* A reduction in symptoms
* Improved energy and vitality
* Their animal is more relaxed
* Improved overall physical and emotional wellbeing

In this package your animal will get a series of Reiki treatments. These can be face to face or distance treatments. And you’ll receive any practical advice and guidance that is appropriate.

How does it work?

First we’ll review your animal’s current routine and lifestyle and initial suggestions will be made. Then they’ll get a programme of Reiki treatments tailored to their needs. This may include Kinesiology and animal healing techniques. They’ll experience the benefits of these treatments and you’ll know that they’re getting additional gentle support which is helping them.

This package was designed with your pets overall wellbeing in mind. Many of my clients report noticeable improvements in their animals demeanour. Suggesting they are more comfortable and happier in themselves as a result of regular treatments.

How to book a package for your pet

Please call me on 0794 113 4267 or contact me to sign up for your Animal Reiki Package