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Hello All,

I hope this finds you well. It’s been a while since my last newsletter partly due to a very busy summer. In this newsletter we are looking at the time of year and how it may be impacting us, there are some updates including information about upcoming workshops I’m holding. I hope you find it interesting and helpful.

Late Summerlate summer

As we approach the Autumnal Equinox next week we are in what is known as Late Summer in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In the West we typically acknowledge four seasons but in TCM they have five with Late Summer coming between summer and autumn. It can be thought of like an ‘Indian Summer’ when there is still heat and Yang energy but it transitions from the energy of spring and summer to a cooler more Yin state with autumn and winter. Late Summer relates to the Earth element which is represented by the colour yellow. It corresponds to the stomach and spleen (including the pancreas).  The direction associated with the Earth element is the centre. In Chinese it is known as “doyo” meaning “transition”. This transition corresponds to the seasonal changes that take place at the solstices and equinoxes, four times a year in total. Late Summer is a short season however it can incorporate aspects of the other seasons within it, for example the weather can be changeable being hot and cold. It is reflecting the “transition”. Because this short season is all about transition it is very important to stay centred within ourselves. This is the same as being grounded. By maintaining a state of centredness, or being grounded, we can avoid being carried away by the transitional energy and not get caught up in total chaos. If there is a state of motion both within us and outside of us, there is nothing to hold onto.

How can we stay centred? Taking time out for you is important. The Earth element is all about nurturing and that includes nurturing of the self. Being aware of how much time we spend in our heads, thinking, analysing, planning, worrying etc… Consciously calming our thoughts and quietening the mind is very effective, but only part of what is required. It can be very helpful to focus on your connection to the Earth as well, particularly as we are working with the Earth element. A couple of simple exercises for grounding ourselves are as follows:

Simple grounding exercises:

Whilst standing either bounce on the balls of the feet bringing the heels up and down, or march on the spot. With both of these exercises make the movements very intentional and focus on the contact the soles of your feet are making with the ground. Become very conscious of the connection your feet have with the ground every time they come back into contact with it. After a minute or two of your chosen movement keep both feet in contact with the ground. Allow all the energy in your body to drop down into your lower legs and feet. “Feel” how connected your feet feel to the ground, imagine they are stuck to the ground. Imagine that even if you wanted to you couldn’t move your feet away from the ground, they are stuck and feel very heavy. Stay with those thoughts and feelings for a minute or so. Then relax and gently move your feet again. You should now be feeling more “grounded” with your head feeling clearer and your body calm.

Why not try these exercises and see how they work for you.

Date for your diary:

Following the success of my workshop for pet owners in June, I am excited to be running it again this October.

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Sunday October 12th 2014– Introductory One Day Workshop where you will learn techniques to enhance your own health and that of your animals including how to communicate with the body to identify its’ needs. For full details and to see what others say about the workshop please click here. If you are interested book your place soon as there are a maximum of 8 places available for the day.

Reiki Workshops

As some of you may already be aware I recently completed my Reiki Master Teacher training. This means I can now hold Reiki workshops and attune others to the Reiki energy.  Reiki is a wonderfully relaxing, gentle healing energy, as anyone who has received a treatment will attest to. When you choose to learn more about how to work with the Reiki energy and receive an attunement, you will find it has ongoing effects on your life (see diagram below). They tend to be quite subtle but when you look back and review you can’t help but notice how you have changed as a person. For me, becoming attuned to Reiki is very much about personal growth. I use Reiki in so many different areas of my life and it is always a great experience being able to share it with others in the form of giving a treatment. I am very much looking forward to being able to share Reiki even more by running workshops and attuning others to this lovely energy. If you are interested in becoming attuned to Reiki then do let me know and I’ll be sure to keep you posted with upcoming dates. If you have any questions about the process and whether it may be right for you, please get in contact with me.

Effects of Reiki Attunement

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 Animal Case Studies

As I am currently undertaking further training in animal healing I am looking for animal case studies. Who do you know who thinks their animal could benefit from a short series of treatments? Please get in contact for further details.

Other reminders:

Referral Bonus – would you like £10 off your next session? Refer a friend or family member so they can enjoy the benefits of a holistic treatment, both you and they get £10 off a session (they need to mention who referred them when booking their 1st appointment).

Until the next time, thank you for reading and feel free to share with anyone else you think may be interested.