5E (5 Elements) Massage

5E (5 Elements) Massage 

A brand new, unique treatment incorporating the balancing and relaxing benefits of both massage and kinesiology. I am the only 5E massage practitioner in the South of England offering this new form of kinesiology/massage.

What is 5E (5 Elements) Massage?5 Elements Massage crystals - Holistically Balanced

5E massage is a form of massage that incorporates kinesiology techniques and so aims to restore balance to the 5 Elements (as found in Traditional Chinese Medicine). Clients remain clothed throughout the treatment (although shoes are removed). The treatment may also include the use of crystals and specific vibrational essences.

What will it do for me?

You will find this to be a deeply relaxing treatment and a wonderful way to take time for yourself. You will receive the benefits of a kinesiology balance in a passive format, so you just get to lie there, relax and enjoy without the usual interactions of a kinesiology session. Your meridians are balanced and a number of kinesiology supports are used as part of the treatment, making it different from any other massage you may have experienced.

So what happens during a 5 Elements massage treatment?

A short consultation is carried out and the element most out of balance for you at that time is identified. We use some muscle testing to identify the crystal and/or vibrational essence required for the treatment. Then you will lie face down as your back and the back of your legs are massaged. You will then turn and lie on your back as the front of the body is massaged. The kinesiology supports are incorporated within the massage. There is an optional face massage as part of the treatment. When complete, further kinesiology techniques are used to bring balance and further relaxation. The crystal and essence are used throughout the session. Any ongoing support required can be identified for you at the end of the treatment as would be typical of a kinesiology treatment.

What people are saying about 5E massage:

‘Is it ok that I fell asleep?’ 

‘That’s definitely more than just a massage’ 

‘Thank you, I feel energised yet calm and peaceful’’

Treatments last approx. 1 hour 45 minutes and cost £75 

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