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I’ve been visiting Angela for about ten years. After treatments with her I unfailingly feel lighter, calmer, and happier. She listens so carefully that each appointment is completely personalised to me and my needs at that moment in time. I wouldn’t see any other therapist – she is warm and professional, caring and versatile. Thank you Angela!

NCSM, Brighton


Very good explanations and feedback. I felt that you really wanted to help me reach my goals. I felt confident that I could speak to you and express any thoughts, no matter how silly I thought they were! I found the session enjoyable, a little bizarre in the different exercises I was asked to do, but they had the desired result. Very pleased with the outcome.
C.R. Dial Post

Angela is very thorough, calm and reassuring. The session was amazing, absolutely spot on.
L.B. Horsham

The session was incredible. It helped me realise that I needed to spend time looking after my own needs. The various activities that followed were even more incredible in finding a simple exercise to re-balance my body towards achieving goal. Many thanks.
I.M. Broadbridge Heath

Extremely informative. Had complete faith in Angela.
J.G. Southwater

Not really sure what to expect. Felt relaxed and at ease throughout all of the session – everything was explained as we went along. Am looking forward to realising the affirmation goal that I used throughout the session. Would definitely recommend trying this, if you are struggling to achieve things in your life, that keep eluding you.
S. T. Horsham

Feel so much more positive about goal and very alive in general. Thank you
P.H. Horsham

What I find so helpful is the way you help me find my goal. I find I can get lost in an issue to the extent that I can’t find clarity around what I want. Working with you always brings that to the surface. I find the balances fascinating and always feel much more centred afterwards. This time in particular I got very tired afterwards, normally I leave buzzing with energy. Of course I prefer the latter but know that big energetic shifts can have this effect. Thanks again, I’m so glad I found you!
A.S Horsham

I would like to thank you not only for the treatments I have received from you but for your being compassionate, never judgmental and also giving help outside your session and even if it just to provide the address of an oil producer – all takes time and it shows that you care about your clients outside the therapy sessions.
C.S. Pulborough

Enormously helpful. I feel my issues have lessened and that I am able to view them in a different light, feeling more empowered.  On a purely physical level, I feel much better.
S.F. Barns Green

Angela has a wonderful calm non-judgemental bedside manner and made me feel completely at ease in my consultation and throughout my treatment. She is a true professional and her extensive knowledge and passion for her work shows through. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Angela and have done so to all my friends and family.
J.O’S. Middx

Angela has been inspirational for me. The changes have been subtle but very powerful. I have complete faith in Angela.
N.B. Horsham

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