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Below are some useful links that may be helpful

A * next to a name means I’m an affiliate. If you use my link and make a purchase, I may get affiliate credit. Find my affiliate policy here

Kinesiology Federation

Progressive Kinesiology Academy

*Crystal Herbs
Bach Flower Remedies, Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences. We are passionate about essences! All of our essences are handmade with love & consciousness. We’ve been creating and developing Essences for the last 30 years and helping people with essences is our great joy.

Healthlines – the Flower Essence People
At Healthlines we import, distribute, use, prescribe, teach and make essences. In fact, we’re passionate about them. Healthlines is a partnership of professional natural health therapists using essences to great effect to support our clients. Our purpose is to facilitate their availability and to ensure the growth of this divine transformational gift. We can usually post them to you on the day we receive your order. Practitioner enquiries welcome.

Holistically Balanced Useful Links

Headspace has a really interesting blog with lots of interesting and informative posts. They offer a subscription service designed to make meditation simple. They offer the first 7 days for free.

Insight Timer is a great resource. They have a free app/website with thousands of guided meditations, courses and music to help with sleep, stress and anxiety. They also have a paid for service if you want to upgrade what you have access to and some user functions. Dr Greger is on a mission to help people improve their health. His team compile all the available research and studies available on a topic and then Dr Greger explains the findings. He cut’s through all the conflicts of interest which can arise depending on who funded the research. He promotes a whole food plant based diet as it can not just promote our health and well-being it can actually reverse many diseases and conditions – the science is there to prove it. Enjoy his videos – they’re really helpful!

TUT – The Universe Talks. You can sign up for Notes from the Universe and receive really inspiring emails on a daily basis (I find these great for reminding me that it is our inner experience that creates our outer experiences, not the other way around. They’re also pretty good at putting a smile on my face too). There’s also the 30 day project you can work through at your own pace to help you manifest your dreams.

Hay House Radio is an online radio station which hosts shows on all aspects of health, wellness and spirituality. It can make a real change from what the mainstream media usually push out.

The Free Mindfulness Project offers a range of information on how to develop mindfulness, including a range of free downloads to help with your meditation practice.

Find A Therapy is a directory where you can find complementary practitioners, learn about different forms of therapy and read helpful articles on health and wellbeing.

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