How can Reiki help You?

You will experience a twofold approach of practical guidance and advice as well as the holistic support of the Reiki healing energy.


  • Is deeply relaxing and calming
  • Promotes our ability to self-heal
  • Is able to support us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Can lead to subtle changes in how we deal with the stresses of day to day life
  • Allows us to release and let go of behaviours and patterns that no longer support us
  • Can help us in our personal growth and development

My clients also report positive shifts in many areas of their lives including relationships and career. That they  feel calmer in day to day life as well as feeling more positive.

What happens in a Reiki Treatment? Holistically Balanced Reiki

Your first appointment will include a full consultation to review your medical history, lifestyle and a discussion on what area of your life you are looking to improve. Your follow up treatments start with a discussion of how things have been for you since your last treatment. My clients find this very helpful as we can identify any areas in need of extra support and often it is possible to apply practical approaches to them for ongoing support outside of the treatments.

Then you will lie on the couch, fully clothed having removed your shoes. Often clients enjoy being under a blanket for their treatment. At this point you get to simply relax. You will receive the Reiki energy which is a very gentle experience. There may be times when my hands rest lightly on the body, at other times they will be held close to the body but not directly in contact.

What you will experience will probably vary from session to session and there is no right or wrong. Clients often feel sensations of heat, cold, tingling, a light breeze, a light pressure on the body as well as seeing colours or images. Often my clients fall asleep, which is lovely as it shows just how relaxed they are. If you do fall asleep you will still get all the benefits of the treatment.

Your appointment finishes with some feedback and any other appropriate advice to help you on your way. Whilst you will notice improvements in how you feel after your first appointment a series of treatments is most effective.

Please note that all my sessions are now blended so you will receive the most appropriate support for you at the time, in whatever form that takes.

To book a session or request a free taster session please contact me or call 0794 113 4267

Not local to Horsham?

Do your circumstances or geography mean it is impractical for you to attend the treatment rooms for your sessions? It is possible for you to benefit from Distance Reiki and have telephone or Zoom appointments instead. These treatments are just as effective as face to face appointments and my clients report great results from them.

If you are interested in booking a session please contact me

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