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Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy

As you would expect all information shared within appointments and communications is confidential. No credit card or bank account details are stored. Your details will never be shared with any 3rd parties without your prior consent.


Payment is usually by bank transfer. Credit/debit card payments are also accepted. Should you require a different method of payment please let me know.

Rescheduling / Cancelling an Appointment

When you book an appointment I block that time out of my diary solely for you. This means that time cannot be offered to anyone else. As a result, any appointments which are cancelled, rescheduled or missed with less than 48 hours’ notice will be charged for in full. Understandably if you’re late for your appointment you lose that time as I cannot run into someone else’s appointment time. If you have an emergency, we’ll work around it.


I aim to respond to email within 48 hours (weekends and bank holidays not included). This is to allow an extra line of contact should you have questions or wins you’d like to share between sessions.

Extra Support phone calls

I will take calls when I can, but understandably there will be times when I may not be able to take your call straight away. Please leave me a voicemail so I know to call you back. I aim to respond to calls ASAP, however this will very much depend on my schedule. In most cases calls will be responded to within 24 hours (weekends and bank holidays not included).

Refund / Cancellation Policy

My goal is always to provide the best service for my clients and help them achieve their desired results. Should you be dissatisfied for any reason with your program/sessions please let me know so I can address the situation. Refunds cannot be given for treatments already taken. For prepaid packages/programs any refund given will be solely at my discretion, taking into account the circumstances of the refund request. Any refund given will incur an administration fee.

It’s important to appreciate this is a two way working relationship. I commit to providing you with the best possible service. You in turn need to commit to your part too. You will be required to make changes e.g. to mind-set, lifestyle, diet, self-talk, routine etc. If you do not do your side of things I cannot be responsible if you are then dis-satisfied with the results you achieve.

Monthly rolling programmes can be cancelled/changed with one months’ notice.

Contact Information

Angela Abbott     0794 113 4267     Contact me by email

Contact by post at:
14 Crockhurst
West Sussex
RH13 9XA

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