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All sessions take place online using Zoom

I support you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to resolve your issues and make you feel happier and healthier.

My treatments will make you calmer, more confident and positive so you feel better able to cope.

Areas I can help you with

I regularly treat clients suffering with the physical and emotional symptoms of stress including:

  • low energy
  • poor digestive health (IBS type symptoms)
  • headaches and migraines
  • excess stress and worry
  • poor confidence and self esteem
  • anxiety and depression
  • poor focus and concentration
  • limiting thoughts and beliefs

How I can support you

My clients’ benefit from one-to-one sessions which are tailored to their needs. My sessions take a twofold approach providing a unique combination of holistic therapies, including Reiki and Kinesiology, with practical advice and guidance.

seeing a holistic therapist onlineThinking of Seeing a Holistic Therapist Online?     

A lot has changed over the last year in ways that has affected us all. Major restrictions on how we go about our daily life have led to necessary adaptations. This may include seeing a holistic therapist online.
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