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How can Kinesiology help You?

It can for example:

  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Support you as a whole; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Relieve physical pain and tension
  • Defuse stress and the causes of stress
  • Enhance concentration, focus and co-ordination
  • Address limiting beliefs
  • Find and clear underlying energy blocks/imbalances
  • Identify any food or substances that are dropping your energy

Many of my clients love how Kinesiology can identify what is the most important for them at the time. It also allows them to address and move past previous experiences which may have been holding them back.

What happens in a Kinesiology Session?Kinesiology balance like balancing stones

You will get both down to earth support and guidance as well as the benefits of the Kinesiology treatment.

Your first appointment will include a full consultation

We will review your medical history and lifestyle. We also discuss which areas of your life you are looking to improve. Your follow up treatments start with a discussion of how things have been for you since your last session. My clients find this very helpful as we can identify any areas in need of extra support. Often it is possible to apply practical approaches for ongoing support outside of your time with me.

Crystals can be used in a kinesiology sessionI will introduce you to muscle testing. This is a way of getting feedback directly from your body. This allows your body to communicate directly with us. We can identify the key areas of stress involved and most importantly the best form of support for you at that time. There are literally hundreds of techniques and supports available to you within a Kinesiology session. Examples include rubbing or holding reflex and acupressure points, flower essences, use of colour, sound, nutrition or talking to name a few. You will benefit from the direct application of the support itself but also the many insights it will provide you with.

Your Kinesiology appointment finishes with some feedback

I will give any other appropriate advice to help you on your way. You may require some form of ongoing support which could be a technique to carry out yourself at home, an essence or change to your diet/lifestyle etc…

Although most clients do notice improvements in how they feel after their first appointment, a series of treatments is most effective. Clients who get the best results are those who are open to new approaches and are happy to make changes.

Please note that all my sessions are now blended so you will receive the most appropriate support for you at the time, in whatever form that takes.

To book your session or to request a free mini-consultation please contact me or call 0794 113 4267

All sessions are held online.

If you’d like more information on what Kinesiology is please click here

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