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De-Stress & Rebalance Program

Who is the De-Stress & Rebalance Program for?

Leave the stresses of your daily life behind as you enjoy improved relaxation and calm with a greater sense of confidence and well-being. Whether you suffer from stress, headaches, insomnia, a lack of energy, wish to clear energy blocks or you simply want to feel calmer and more balanced my De-Stress and Rebalance program could be for you.

Would you like to experience?
  • Ongoing feelings of peace and calm
  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved relaxation
  • Feeling more positive and confident
  • A reduction in physical symptoms caused by stress
  • Equip yourself with techniques to keep you calm and relaxed
  • Tap into a more positive outlook as you change your perspective
  • Stop wasting energy and time on the stress and worries of daily life
  • Release any old habits that are keeping you in a state of stress
  • Confidently choose to think and feel differently about situations you have no control over
How does it work?

Your first appointment, your Deep Dive session, includes a full consultation during which we will discuss your medical history, your lifestyle and what you’re looking to improve. We both become clear on the issues involved and I can make some suggestions based on these. From here you will get a program of sessions tailored to your needs.

You’ll experience the benefits of the holistic therapy sessions as well as learning to develop a supportive framework for yourself. This helps maintain your results between your sessions. All the while receiving support from me, so you’re not trying to do it all by yourself.

These programs were designed with your vitality and overall well-being in mind. Many of my clients have experienced real improvements in their day to day living by sleeping better, experiencing reduced pain, having better digestive health, worrying less and simply feeling better in themselves. All as a result of regular sessions. Clients tend to experience better results when they’re open to making changes, whether it be to their mind-set, eating routine or other aspects of their lifestyle.

What’s included?
  • Six one to one bespoke sessions over three months comprised of
    • One ‘Deep Dive’ session
    • Five ‘De-stress & Rebalance’ sessions
  • Email support between sessions to answer any questions you may have and for you to share your successes
  • One 10min ‘Extra Support’ phone call per week to give you extra support when you feel stuck or things happen between sessions
  • All Bach Flower essences required during the 90 days will be provided. Tailored to your needs they provide gentle support between sessions
  • 10% discount off any order made through Natural Dispensary should any supplements be required
  • Stress busting techniques for you to use at home
  • ‘100 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress’ Workbook to help you develop a strong supportive framework within your day to day schedule

Not sure if it’s right for you? Why not request a free mini-consultation so you can meet me and get more of a feel for whether my approach is right for you. To book, get in contact or call me on 0794 113 4267

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De-Stress & Rebalance Program

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