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Thinking of Seeing a Holistic Therapist Online?

A lot has changed over the last year in ways that has affected us all. Major restrictions on how we go about our daily life have led to necessary adaptations. This may include seeing a holistic therapist online. As in-person sessions haven’t been allowed some practitioners have moved online to continue supporting their clients. This, of course, has been dependent on the modalities they offer and whether working online is something they actually want to do. In this respect I consider myself very fortunate.

My main modalities (Kinesiology, Reiki and Mindfulness) and my personal approach/style all work without needing to be in the same room as my client. The vast majority of my ‘tools’ work very well remotely. Connecting with my client and talking through what’s going on for them can be done online too. I’ve been working with clients remotely for a number of years before the recent ‘big move online’. I’ve carried out sessions over the phone as well as using online platforms like Zoom. Yes, of course it’s different to working with clients in-person but it’s still enjoyable and most importantly it all works.

But you might have some concerns about seeing a practitioner online.

Maybe the whole idea is new to you and you don’t know what to expect. I offer a free 20 minute taster session for you to have a chat with me and get a feel for my approach. This also gives me a chance to find out more about you and what you’re looking for help with. I can then decide whether I’m the best person to help you or not. You get a chance to see how you feel about working with me and whether that’s something you’re happy to move forwards with. You also get a feel for how things work online.

Maybe you’ve seen a holistic therapist before in-person and you don’t know how it’ll translate online, the same applies. Having a taster session will help give you a feel of what to expect and how things can work.

seeing a holistic therapist online
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Does it work?

The short answer is, Yes! Most of what I offer is energy based in nature. Energy isn’t limited by time or space, it’s a bit cool like that. I also do a lot of ‘talky’ stuff where we can work through blocks, limiting beliefs, old patterns that you may still run on, different ways of viewing situations etc. A lot of helping you get out of your own way. Most of what comes up for my clients is energy and emotion based, even when we’re looking at more physical issues. As a result it works well online.

Now I know the dynamics and energy are different when you’re in a room with someone and you might be afraid that it will feel a bit impersonal. I don’t think that that is the case. I think you can create a rapport and build a connection with someone online quite well. Of course everyone is different, some people are ‘not really talkers’, others are much more outgoing or open up more readily. However that would be true whether you’re in the room with them or not.

What about the technology?

Fortunately these days technology can be really user friendly. For me it has to be, I’m not a technophile or gadget lover. So if you have any concerns that the technology will be too much for you, please don’t. Zoom is about as simple as it gets. I either email or text you a link, you click on it, follow some simple instructions (like click here) and that’s more or less it. (If you want to use your tablet or phone you’ll have to download their free app first). Most smartphones, tablets and laptops have built-in cameras, microphones and speakers. You give Zoom permission to use these (usually click here again) and away you go. Another great bonus of Zoom is that you don’t even need an account with them to use them.

I would also like to reassure you that if you see a holistic therapist online they won’t be analysing your background/the room you’re in during your session. Please don’t feel like you have to make a corner of your home look like a show home for fear of being judged in some way. They’ll be far more focussed on you and engaging fully with you.

What about possible background noise?

So long as it’s not overly distracting/prolonged, occasional background noise wouldn’t be the end of the world. Obviously being undisturbed is the ideal situation but background noise can’t always be avoided, and that’s ok. My dog will often be in the room with me when I work with clients, so you may occasionally hear him digging to get comfortable or more likely snoring.

seeing a holistic therapist online
Photo by Freestocks on Unsplash

But I hate being on camera!

I know some people really don’t like seeing themselves on video, which I totally get. Did you know you can remove the window that shows your video image on Zoom? No need to see yourself, you can focus on engaging with your practitioner.

If you have concerns about being overheard, which is understandable with so many people home-based at the moment, simply let your therapist/practitioner know. They may suggest using the written chat feature as a means of minimising delicate spoken communication. One of the reasons I wear headphones during sessions with clients is so there’s no way anyone else can hear what they’re saying. Zoom also has good security measures in place now which means nobody else could ‘gate-crash’ your session inadvertently.

Are there any benefits to seeing a holistic therapist online?

One of the most important aspects about holistic practitioners taking their work online is that it is accessible to you NOW. You don’t have to wait until they go back to working from their clinic/treatment rooms, which could be who knows when and may not be ongoing. With so much going on in the world, so much stress, fear and anxiety there’s probably never been a time when so many people need this form of support.

Another real bonus of seeing a holistic therapist online is that you’re not restricted by geography. If you’ve found someone you like the sound of but they’re half way across the country, or in another country altogether, it doesn’t matter (time zones withstanding).

You save time and energy as there’s no travelling to and from a session (which can also be an added convenience). And it reduces your carbon footprint too.

If you know you’re struggling with the stresses and strains of life, if anxiety and overwhelm have taken hold, don’t wait to get outside help. The longer you leave it the worse you’ll feel and the longer it’ll take to recover. If you’re ready to take the next step and see a holistic therapist online get in contact to see if we’re a good fit.

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