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5E Massage (5 Elements Massage)

A unique treatment incorporating the balancing and relaxing benefits
of both massage and Kinesiology


What will 5E Massage do for you?

With 5E massage you get the benefits of Kinesiology in the form of a massage. Your meridian system and so the 5 Elements (from Traditional Chinese Medicine) will be balanced. This promotes your health and wellbeing. Your treatment may include the use of crystals and specific vibrational essences.

Would you like to:Holistically Balanced 5E Massage

  • Experience a deeply relaxing massage
  • Receive the benefits of a kinesiology treatment
  • Have your meridian system balanced
  • Take time for yourself
  • Enjoy a massage unlike any you may have experienced

What people are saying about 5E Massage: 

“I found the 5E massage treatment to be a very relaxing experience. Angela’s professional approach put me at ease straight away. The combination of gentle massage and kinesiology left me feeling relaxed but aware that something more than just a massage had taken place.”

“That’s definitely more than just a massage”

‘Thank you, I feel energised yet calm and peaceful’’

So what happens during a 5E massage treatment?

We’ll go through a short consultation. Here the Element most out of balance for you at that time is identified. You’ll remain clothed throughout the treatment (although shoes are removed). We use muscle testing to identify the crystal and/or vibrational essence required for your treatment.

Then as you lie face down, your back and the back of your legs are massaged. You’ll then turn and lie on your back as the front of the body is massaged. You’ll experience the benefits of the kinesiology supports which are incorporated within the massage. There’s an optional face massage you may or may not want to include in your treatment.

Your 5E massage continues with additional kinesiology techniques. These will further support you and enhance your levels of relaxation. The crystal and essence are used throughout your session.

Any ongoing support required can be identified for you at the end of the treatment. As would be typical of a kinesiology treatment.

To make an enquiry or to book a 5E treatment session please contact me or call 0794 113 4267

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