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Thinking of Seeing a Holistic Therapist Online?

A lot has changed over the last year in ways that has affected us all. Major restrictions on how we go about our daily life have led to necessary adaptations. This may include seeing a holistic therapist online. As in-person…

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Kinesiology Awareness Week

Kinesiology Awareness Week 12th-18th March 2018 What is Kinesiology? Kinesiology is a complementary therapy which combines muscle testing with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It aims to restore a state of balance and supports the natural self-healing ability of…

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5 Day De-Stresser

Reduce Stress Levels with my 5 Day De-Stresser Stress comes in so many forms and we all respond in our own way to it. It's pretty much taken as a given that life is just stressful these days. Some forms…

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