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Digestive Health / Food Sensitivity Testing Package

Who is it for?

Who is the food sensitivity testing package for? If you suffer from digestive issues, IBS, bloating or have low energy this treatment package could be for you.

Would you like?

  • Improved digestion
  • More energy and vitality
  • To feel more comfortable in your body
  • Improved overall physical wellbeing

In this package of holistic support sessions you’ll also get practical guidance and advice on how to support your digestive health and energy levels.  

How does it work?

Your first appointment includes a full consultation. Here we’ll discuss your medical history, your lifestyle and what you’re looking to improve. We’ll review your current eating routine and lifestyle. Based on this I will make some initial suggestions. You’re programme of sessions are tailored to your needs.  It may include Food sensitivity testing, Kinesiology, and Reiki. You’ll experience the benefits of these approaches alongside the improvements the recommended lifestyle/nutrition changes will bring.

This package was designed with your digestive health and overall wellbeing in mind. As a result of regular focused sessions, many of my clients have experienced significant improvements in their digestive health and energy levels. In order to fully benefit from this package you’ll be far more likely to experience great results if you’re open to making changes, particularly in your lifestyle and eating routine.

To sign up for the Digestive Health / Food Testing Package please call me on 0794 113 4267 or contact me

To book a session please click here

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