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What is Kinesiology Food Sensitivity Testing?

You may already be aware of the effect certain foods have on how you feel. You may for example feel tired and bloated after eating them, get headaches or just feeling out of sorts. Kinesiology can identify which food items are dropping your energy.

Benefits of using Kinesiology for Food Sensitivity testing:

  • It allows us to identify items that may be dropping your energy
  • It is also possible to find foods and nutrition that raise the energy within the body and so actively support you
  • Muscle testing gives us a visible indication of what is happening
  • Testing can be carried out on foods and other substances such as personal care products or household items

What can you expect from having Kinesiology Food Sensitivity Testing carried out

Your first appointment will include a full consultation. Here we review your medical history, lifestyle and have a discussion on what areas of your life you are looking to improve. Your follow up treatments start with a discussion of how things have been for you since your last session. My clients find this very helpful as we can identify any areas in need of extra support. Often it is possible to apply practical approaches for ongoing support outside of your time with me.

You’ll be introduced to muscle testing which is a way of getting feedback directly from your body. This allows your body to communicate directly with us. In this way your body can indicate whether an item is dropping your energy or supporting it.

If items are dropping your energy it is possible to provide Kinesiology based support. This along with addressing any emotional issues related to the item makes it possible for the body to better deal with that item.

It may come to light during your session that your digestive system could benefit from support. This will be discussed with you at the time. Improving digestive health has a number of benefits including increased energy levels, improved immunity and better weight control.

If you would like any further information or to book an appointment please feel free to contact me

Kinesiology Food Sensitivity Testing

Please note that having a sensitivity is not the same as an allergy and I do not provide allergy testing.

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