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Kinesiology Information

Kinesiology is an amazing form of complementary therapy. It allows us to tap straight into your body’s inner knowing and wisdom. Here’s some additional Kinesiology information you may find helpful, so let’s start with…

What is Kinesiology and where does it come from?        

Kinesiology combines muscle testing with the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It incorporates 5 Element theory and a wide range of energy balancing techniques. Kinesiology restores the whole system to balance, facilitating the self-healing process. It is gentle yet very powerful.

Applied Kinesiology was developed by George Goodheart, in the 1960’s. He was an American chiropractor. George Goodheart integrated his own discipline with the principles of Eastern medicine. This is how muscle testing became used to identify interferences with the flow of energy (chi) within the body. At that time only people who were medically qualified could train to become Applied Kinesiologists. A fellow chiropractor John Thie wanted this new modality and all its benefits made more widely available. He wanted lay people to learn about the key principles, techniques that could be used to balance energy and of course muscle testing. This lead to the creation of Touch For Health. From here Kinesiology has grown with many different training schools around the world.

Whilst possibly best known for food sensitivity testing Kinesiology is so much more. It works holistically and can provide support in any area of your life.

Kinesiology supports the person as a whole

Because Kinesiology takes a holistic approach we can work on any area of your life you’d like to improve. At the beginning of the session we will identify this area. We may create a good goal statement to work with. Muscle testing is then used to indicate any imbalance in the flow of energy through the meridians in relation to that goal. We then balance your energy using the best method for you at that time. This could include rubbing or holding reflex points on the body, using colour, flower remedies, nutrition or sound to name a few.

The aim of a Kinesiology session is to balance your energy. That’s why a Kinesiology session or treatment is called a ‘Balance’.

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The Five Elements Kinesiology Information

All sessions are held online.


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