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Reiki Information

Reiki is probably most widely known as a wonderful form of energy healing. Here is some additional Reiki information you may find helpful.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ray-key), is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy. This life-force can be found in all matter, as energy. Reiki is a healing system that is safe, natural, holistic and non-denominational.

Reiki energy has several basic effects: it brings about deep relaxation, assists in the release of energy blockages, and increases the vibrational frequency of the body to provide new vitality.

Reiki practitioners will have become attuned to Reiki energy as part of their trainings. They may use sacred symbols when connecting with and working with the Reiki energy.

Reiki is more than ‘energy healing’

The underlying principles of Reiki recommend a design for living in balance with all others and with nature.

These are the Five Principles of Reiki:

• Just for today I will let go of anger
• Just for today I will let go of worry
• Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings
• Just for today I will do my work honestly
• Just for today I will be kind to my neighbours & every living thing

Because the study and practise of Reiki encourages personal or spiritual development, Reiki may help with a wide range of issues and conditions, as it puts the whole individual – body and soul – in the best position to create a more harmonious and well-balanced life style.

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