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Scientific Proof to Support Hands Off (Non-Contact) Healing

CHO - Scientific Proof to Support Hands Off (Non-Contact) Healing

The Confederation of Healing Organisations – Scientific Proof to Support Hands Off (Non-Contact) Healing 

I wanted to share with you some exciting scientific data which identifies the positive influence of energy healing, including Reiki. There are of course many people who know from first-hand experience how beneficial energy healing can be. They may have experienced the benefits themselves, or they may have seen the benefits in their animals or plants. It’s not often however that the scientific community corroborate. This is mainly down to a lack of funding to run the required double blind clinical trials.

The CHO did the next best thing. They had existing research papers reviewed and statistically analysed to assess the efficacy of healing energy. The statistical analysis aimed to remove any influence caused by the placebo effect by reviewing data not only from humans but also animals, plants and tissue cultures. They also took into account the quality of the studies undertaken. If the legitimacy of the study was questionable it was not used. By taking this approach the outcome would be free of factors which might undermine its validity within the scientific community.

“…our results do show a significant effect of healing intention on both human and non-human living systems (where expectation and placebo effects cannot be the cause), indicating that healing intention can be of value.”

Not exactly a surprise result I know. But it’s a result that is legitimate from a scientific approach to the subject. If you’d like to read more about the research and data click here. The overview on the webpage gives more information. The paper itself is available there to download and review (however like many papers it’s not the lightest or easiest read in the world, so be warned).

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