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Well done BBC!

Well done BBC!

The Dr who gave up drugs BBCI don’t usually watch masses of TV but there have been a couple of programs on recently that did get my attention. The first was The Dr who gave up Drugs. Dr Chris van Tulleken set out to raise awareness of the crazy amounts of medication being used and prescribed daily. He also wanted to find and provide non-pharmaceutical support to help remedy people’s health issues. He highlighted the inefficacy of many commonly prescribed medications as well as their common side effects. I found it so refreshing to have a medical professional actually voice concern. He also took some action to help improve what is a shocking situation (and one that is getting worse). If you didn’t have a chance to watch this two part documentary you can get it on BBC iPlayer here. It’s well worth the time to watch it and share it with those you care about. 

The Retreat BBCThe second program was The Retreat. I had a number of people ask me if I’d been watching it and I hadn’t. So I found it on BBC iPlayer (you can access it on the link above) and watched it.

Having amazing heath improvements come about as a result of changes in lifestyle and diet is no great surprise

But it is great that it is being broadcast on national TV. Reminding, or perhaps in some cases educating, people of the impact their daily choices make on their health and wellbeing is vital. Having blood tests to show that, medically, real differences can be made is always helpful for those reluctant to accept this simple truth. Whilst it included quite a full-on 28 day detox with fasting period, it also highlighted the benefits of Yoga, Reiki, Qi Gong, Osteopathy, Mindfulness and a vegan diet.

Again I found it refreshing that with the exception of the TV folks there to experience the retreat, everyone else involved giving their feedback and sharing their experiences were just normal people. They weren’t made out to be weirdos or odd. There was a little time spent focusing on the more hippie-ish nature of some of the other people/therapists but overall I thought it was pretty fair.

Broadcasting these kinds of programs could really make a big difference to the health of the nation. Educating the masses. Helping them understand that there are alternatives available. Alternatives that could really help them achieve great results. Much of it comes down to taking personal responsibility for your heath and wellbeing. It was clear to see in these programs that those who were committed to the process and approached it with a positive mindset really got so much from the changes they made.  

If you saw these programs I’d be interested to find out what you thought of them.

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