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So, what do you want?

So, what do you want?

It happens so often. I ask a client ‘how would you like things to be’ and they tell me ‘all the things they’re fed up of’ often with ‘I don’t want’ as a prefix. I’ll often point out that they’ve just told me all the things they don’t want. Not actually what they do want. It can sometimes take a moment or two for the explanation to process. Any time you use the words ‘don’t, not or no’, you are using negative wording. So, what do you want??

It may seem like the same thing but actually the language we use is very powerful

Voicing what we don’t want is putting more energy and focus onto those very things. All the stuff we don’t want. By simply changing the focus of the sentence to ‘what you do want’ you instantly start focusing on the positive outcome. Instantly you have put more energy and focus on that positive outcome you desire. This is true regardless of the situation you are considering.

what do you want

I don’t want to be late – I want to get there on time

I don’t want to be in pain – I want my body to feel comfortable and relaxed

I don’t want to be alone – I want to be in a loving relationship

It’s also true when speaking with others. Your message will be more positive and effective if you voice’ what you do want’ or ‘would like’ to happen (instead of what you don’t want).

Don’t run in the house – Please could you walk through the house

Don’t leave it till the last minute to book – I’d really appreciate it if you could have that booked in plenty of time

That’s not how you do it – Here, let me show you a different way of doing that

By focusing on what you do want, you maintain a positive outlook. You raise your vibration and that of your desired result. You are putting out into the Universe what you do want and so it’s far more likely to come about as a result. If you are new to the Law of Attraction and would like to find out more about it check out Michael Losier the Law of Attraction How-To Guy.

It’s a really simple shift to make

Of course it’s not just becoming more conscious of the words you speak, it’s the thoughts you think too. I invite you to set yourself the challenge of making this shift in how you think and talk about things. It will take conscious effort to begin with as you start to notice your thoughts and words. The more conscious you become the easier it will be to choose your words with care. You’ll notice if you do let the words ‘don’t, not and no’ slip back in. If they do, that’s okay, just catch yourself and reword the sentence appropriately. If at any time you are unsure of what you want, it’s usually the opposite of what you don’t want. From there you can tweak how you phrase it. Take some time to consider what would make it really great or what your absolute ideal would be.

The words we use are powerful and really do have an influence. This is only one example for you to consider. You may find that you start to notice the words the people around you use. This in turn will help you with your own use of language. I hope this proves to be a useful for you and you enjoy focusing more on what you do want and desire in life.

This is an area I often work on with clients. If you’d like help making improvements for yourself, get in contact.

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