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Benefits of taking a holistic approach to health and well-being

The Benefits of taking a holistic approach to health and well-being

What does taking a holistic approach actually mean?

holistic approach definition

So when taking a holistic approach we work with the person as a whole (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic). We also take into account any external influences they may be under e.g. family, finances, work etc. The interconnectedness of all aspects of the person and their experiences is taken into consideration. The point of focus is the person not the symptom.

Why is taking a holistic approach a sensible thing to do?

I think most of us realise that every part of our body works together as one amazing unit. Our body is not a machine. It is organic and each system and function within it influences all the other systems and functions. Nothing happens in isolation within the body (or mind). Our body influences our mind (and emotions). Our mind (and emotions) influence our body. This is widely recognised and accepted to be the case. So taking all aspects of the individual into consideration makes sense. It would seem like a practical and sensible approach to take.

Taking the mechanised approach of only treating one system/function without taking into consideration the rest of the body and what might be influencing it is, well, very blinkered. It is however considered the norm in Western medicine. The Eastern approach is more holistic and as such is less familiar to many.

Don’t get me wrong, I think conventional Western medicine definitely has its role to play. It’s just not always the best approach. And as such can fall short in helping people feel better and get the results they were hoping for. Very often people who have failed to experience improvements in their symptoms/situation via the more conventional Western approach to health have seen significant improvements when taking a holistic approach.

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What are the benefits of taking a holistic approach?

By working with the body you promote its natural self-healing ability. You help the person do more to help themselves as they understand what caused the imbalance. They also learn what changes were required to remedy it. The client and practitioner work together through the process.

By taking a holistic approach and looking at the bigger picture it is possible to identify the underlying cause of an issue. Rather than simply focusing on the symptom. When you do this you are not simply working to mask the symptom you are helping to resolve it.

There’s a difference between not being ‘sick’ or ‘unwell’ and enjoying good health and well-being. Feeling energised and full of life allows us to do more and enjoy doing it. We all know what its’ like to feel ‘out of sorts’ or just not quite ourselves. We’re not necessarily feeling unwell, but we’re not feeling as good as we know we can either. You don’t have to be ‘sick’ or ‘unwell’ to benefit from this approach as it encompasses all aspects of our life.

If you think you would benefit from taking a holistic approach to your own well-being please get in contact, or call me (Angela) on 0794 113 4267.

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