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Change And How To Deal With It

Change and how to deal with it

There are few things we can guarantee in life but change is one of them. I felt compelled to address this as a result of the fall out from the EU referendum. However all the points covered here will help in any situation where you might be struggling to deal with change.

Firstly, change is inevitable

All things are temporary. Accepting this law of the universe makes everything else easier to deal with. We cannot change that and to think we can is folly. Accept the situation as it is without judgement. It is what it is. By choosing not to judge the situation as good or bad you can allow it to just be. This will discharge much of the emotion surrounding the situation. It is usually our desire to ‘be right’ that stirs things up for us. When we ‘are right’ others must ‘be wrong’ or ‘in the wrong’. This might be great for our ego but it’s rubbish for helping us feel inner calm and peace.
Often we will find ourselves trying to ‘control’ the situation or outcome. This is usually a futile exercise as we try to force our will onto whatever is going on. We may have some influence over certain aspects of the situation. Rarely do we have full control (much as we’d relish it). Start learning to relax and trust that whatever happens it will be fine. We don’t have to know what’s coming next. We just need the confidence to know that whatever happens we can deal with it.

By being more in the moment we disconnect from all the worries of the past and anxieties for the future.

In this moment, right now, is there an issue? More often than not, no there isn’t. Even with something as big as the referendum result – in the here and now, in my little world everything is ok, nothing has changed. As I start to encounter aspects of the transition and inevitable instability that will go along with it, I will deal with it. There is no point trying to plan ahead or worry about it. Why? Because absolutely nobody knows what’s going to happen. When it does happen we can all adapt accordingly. It’s more about having confidence in our ability to do so.

Be clear on what you ‘do’ want as opposed to what you ‘don’t’ want.

Set positive intentions and come from a place of love, not fear. There has been a great deal of fear mongering going on recently. It will continue, but you have a choice not to buy into it. For example, you may decide to take a break from social media, newspapers and the news on TV. You can choose to have a positive, loving outlook on the whole situation. Maybe, you choose to show that you care for your family, your friends, neighbours and the nation as a whole. As individuals we can take small acts of kindness. To show that we do believe that we are stronger when we act and work together, in whatever form that takes.

Change can be seen as an opportunity for growth, for learning and for things to get better.

We might not know exactly how that will be. But if we trust that it can be and keep a positive outlook, who knows what could happen.

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