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Spring and the Wood Element

Spring time is on it’s way. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) spring time correlates to the Wood element. Unsurprisingly the colour of the Wood element is green. The Liver and Gallbladder meridians are on this element. The Wood element is associated with the capacity to look forward, plan and make decisions, hence growth and expansion. The direction East is represented by Wood. The emotions of the Wood element include anger, frustration and resentment and the sound associated with the element is shouting.

As we move into spring the yang energy starts to rise. There are more hours of daylight and we can feel the energy and new growth around us. It follows then that the Wood element relates to growth and new beginnings, whether that be new life itself or new projects or undertakings. It’s a wonderful time to have a spring clean and a fresh start in the home and in the body, with a detox.

5 Element Chart - wood element

As with all things in nature the 5 Elements aim to work harmoniously with each other. That’s why there are two cycles (see the arrows in the image above) a growth cycle and a controlling cycle. At times however one or more of the elements can be out of balance. If our own ability to self-correct this imbalance is insufficient and the imbalance continues over a period of time we may find ourselves experiencing symptoms. These symptoms could be either physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or a combination.

When the Wood Element is out of balance

If there’s an imbalance with the Wood element the person may feel stuck, they may lack a strong direction in life and be indecisive. You may feel angry, irritable, frustrated or resentful. Physical symptoms may include digestive issues such as alternating constipation and diarrhoea or bloating. Due to the placement in the body of the Gallbladder meridian at the top and side of the head, headaches and migraines can also result.

It’s important to provide our livers with support all year round, but especially during the Spring. You can read more about how to provide seasonal support for our livers here.

Kinesiology can help balance the meridians and the 5 elements. To find out if this would be a good approach for you please get in contact.
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